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Force a Digital File Download in the Browser

When you click on a digital file link/URL, the browser will show/play the file if it can understand format of the file in question.

In most cases this browser behavior is fine. However, it can be a little problematic if you are trying to let your users download the digital file. The visitor will just see the file in the browser instead of the download dialogue box popping up. This is more problematic for PDF files (if you are selling an ebook and your customers can’t download the PDF file).

Fortunately, you can apply some techniques to force a file download so your visitors will see the download box when they click on a downloadable file/link.

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WP eStore Review – Plugin to Sell Digital Downloads from Your WordPress Site

Today I will review the WP eStore plugin (shopping cart for digital products). I have used this WordPress plugin for a few years now and I love it. This plugin has become a very important part of my eCommerce business. In this WP eStore review I will try to go over the pros and cons of the eStore plugin.

One thing I really love about the eStore plugins is the automation of my eCommerce business. I just did some simple setup (they have great video tutorials) and I have been off and running since. This plugin has freed up so much time and allowed me to concentrate more on making my products rather than how I am going to sell them.

The WP eStore has way too many features to list here. I have provided a link to the full WP eStore’s features page at the end of this review. I will mainly focus on the features that I think are worth mentioning in this plugin review. Continue reading

Images Displaying Too Big or Small When Using the WP eStore and Thesis Theme

When using the WP eStore and Thesis Theme you may run into the issue of your images displaying too big or small. There is a simple fix for this as I will explain in this cheat sheet.

The Thesis theme specifies a width for the input fields in it’s theme CSS. This makes it so images have a specific size and will cause them to be stretched  or smooched.

To fix this issue all you need to do is override the CSS of the theme by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS file of the Thesis Theme.

.custom .format_text input {
width: auto;

To add this to the Custom CSS file of the Thesis them all you need to do is click on the “Custom File Editor” menu from your “Thesis Options” menu and paste the CSS code I provided above.