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9 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs to Use in 2016

One of the best things about WordPress is the seemingly unlimited range of its plugins that you can use to add any web based features to your website or blog. It makes it so easy for even the most amateur web users, with no coding skills, to create and manage their own websites. This is the reason why WordPress is the preferred CMS for millions of webmasters across the globe.

However, you cannot install too many unnecessary plugins to your WordPress website since that can hurt your site’s performance. You need to choose simple and the right plugins that can perform multiple functions for you and save your website from any additional load.

To make this choice easier for you, here’s a list of some of the most useful WordPress plugins that cover almost all the functions that any modern day website needs.

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WP eMember Plugin Review

How long have you been thinking of starting a membership site where your users can be charged for what they use, and everything happens automatically? Whether it’s been years or just days, the part to think is now over and the moment to decide is here. Introducing you to the WP eMember Plugin – A complete solution for creating a membership site using the popular WordPress platform.

Though the plugin performs greatly when used all by itself, the word ‘great’ can be transformed to ‘best’ if it is used along with its other two companions – WP eStore and WP Affiliate Platform which are by the same developers. This trio can open up an eStore for any sort of products that you would like to sell within minutes. Some examples are – Digital Products, Digital Media, Videos, Tutorials, eBook, Premium Content, Physical Products (to be shipped by the seller) etc. Continue reading