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How to Add Video Lightbox in WordPress

If you are looking for a better way to display your videos on your WordPress site or are trying to get a better understanding on how lightboxes work, this article is for you.

A lightbox can be a great tool for showcasing both photos and videos on your website or blog. It makes the media truly stand out and captivate the visitor’s attention. It also adds a nice design element to your site, which is both professional and artistic at the same time.

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WordPress 3.6 will Introduce Audio and Video Support in the Core

The upcoming WordPress 3.6 release will add native support for Audio and Video files in the core. This means that you will be able to embed an audio or video player on a WordPress page using a simple shortcode (you won’t need to use any plugin for it).

Previously if you wanted to play an MP3 audio file from your Media Library, you had to install a plugin. This should be good news for bands, podcasters, vloggers etc. the ability to easily expresses themselves without using an external service.

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