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Display Vital Stats of Your WordPress Blog to Your Visitors

If you have been running your site for some time and are regularly updating it with fresh, high-quality content, chances are you have built up a good amount of traffic over time. As a result, your visitors are most likely sharing your site via various social media networks, following it and commenting on your posts. And a high-traffic blog or website, in turn, gives you some bragging rights.

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How to Manage Downloads in WordPress

Many bloggers and website owners offer various perks to their visitors, such as free podcasts, e-books and other downloadable materials. If you are using WordPress to offer your visitors any types of files that can be downloaded, it is best to install a file management plugin that will take care of many steps of this process for you. A good plugin will keep track of the amount of downloads and other stats, as well as allow you to protect your files with a password if you wish to limit access to your downloads only to certain users.

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WordPress Plugin Review: Scribe SEO

When you are first starting out with blogging Search Engine Optimization is the last thing on your mind. You just want to blog.

Sure there are plenty of SEO ebooks out there, and some of them are quite good, and when you have the time could be a good read. However most of us know time is money, and learning search engine optimization can be very confusing and a bit of a time commitment.

Lately I have personally made a commitment to making what blogs I do have, better. The first step to doing this, I had planned on making my blogs posts and pages better optimized for search engines. So I had made the commitment to read the SEO ebooks within one week and learn all I could about search engine optimization.

Then on Monday I opened up my email to find that Brian Clark released a new little plug in/tool for WordPress called Scribe. At first I was like OK, I think I can do what this plug in does all on my own. And in all honesty anyone who is well versed in search engine optimization, and even WordPress SEO, could do all the things this plugin does.

However! The Scribe SEO WordPress plugin can save anyone, the professional search engine optimization guru and the newbie blogger, a lot of TIME.

One of my favorite features of this plugin: the tag recommendations!
I personally hate going through my posts trying to think of different tags for my posts, so I usually get lazy and just don’t add ANY tags, or I add maybe one or two.

The Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin certainly helps you to:

  • Optimize your blog posts and pages in a timely manner.
  • It also helps to teach you how to optimize your blog posts and the pages the best way the first time. Simply because you go through the check list and remember next time to add this, change that. It’s amazing how much of a great teaching tool it is!

With Scribe you’ll:

  • Optimize content faster
  • Eliminate guesswork about keywords
  • Employ SEO best practices
  • Preserve maximum readability
  • Increase targeted traffic!

I give the Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin 5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this plug in to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional blogger and who knows the importance of search engine optimization in their efforts to grow their blog and make it better!