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9 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs to Use in 2016

One of the best things about WordPress is the seemingly unlimited range of its plugins that you can use to add any web based features to your website or blog. It makes it so easy for even the most amateur web users, with no coding skills, to create and manage their own websites. This is the reason why WordPress is the preferred CMS for millions of webmasters across the globe.

However, you cannot install too many unnecessary plugins to your WordPress website since that can hurt your site’s performance. You need to choose simple and the right plugins that can perform multiple functions for you and save your website from any additional load.

To make this choice easier for you, here’s a list of some of the most useful WordPress plugins that cover almost all the functions that any modern day website needs.

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WP eMember Plugin Review

How long have you been thinking of starting a membership site where your users can be charged for what they use, and everything happens automatically? Whether it’s been years or just days, the part to think is now over and the moment to decide is here. Introducing you to the WP eMember Plugin – A complete solution for creating a membership site using the popular WordPress platform.

Though the plugin performs greatly when used all by itself, the word ‘great’ can be transformed to ‘best’ if it is used along with its other two companions – WP eStore and WP Affiliate Platform which are by the same developers. This trio can open up an eStore for any sort of products that you would like to sell within minutes. Some examples are – Digital Products, Digital Media, Videos, Tutorials, eBook, Premium Content, Physical Products (to be shipped by the seller) etc. Continue reading

WP eStore Review – Plugin to Sell Digital Downloads from Your WordPress Site

Today I will review the WP eStore plugin (shopping cart for digital products). I have used this WordPress plugin for a few years now and I love it. This plugin has become a very important part of my eCommerce business. In this WP eStore review I will try to go over the pros and cons of the eStore plugin.

One thing I really love about the eStore plugins is the automation of my eCommerce business. I just did some simple setup (they have great video tutorials) and I have been off and running since. This plugin has freed up so much time and allowed me to concentrate more on making my products rather than how I am going to sell them.

The WP eStore has way too many features to list here. I have provided a link to the full WP eStore’s features page at the end of this review. I will mainly focus on the features that I think are worth mentioning in this plugin review. Continue reading

How to Choose the Right WordPress Membership Plugin for Your Site

There are plenty of ways to maximize the revenue of your WordPress site. These web pages are loved by Google and you can set up a simple blog with paid-ads on it, or just run a few CPA offers on the site. If your web page is getting enough traffic, you can achieve decent monthly revenue from featuring banners too. Some people have already realized that a WordPress site is also working well with a WordPress membership plugin.- And recurring income can be achieved easily, once the site has a good reputation and a few returning readers. If you want to maximize your earning potential, you have to find reliable software.

You might be thinking of adding a membership option to your blog. It is very easy to add a membership option to your WordPress powered site. There are plenty of WordPress membership plugin options available to you and you can let the software handle member registrations, content protection etc. The best software is going to be the one that suits your needs best, has a user friendly surface, and an easy to use control panel. I am going to give you some tips below on how to choose the right WordPress membership plugin for your site.

The developer

First of all, you need to find out more about the person or the team behind the plugin. You don’t want to get stuck with a membership plugin that is not actively maintained otherwise when WordPress releases an update you can end up with a broken plugin and nowhere to get help. What other types of software have they created and how successful the WordPress membership plugin is. Check out who the developer is and what their reputation in the industry is.

Easy to Use Features

Another very important thing to look at is the customer experience. You have to make sure that all your visitors will be able to understand the instructions of the WordPress membership plugin and will not face difficulties when trying to register.

Content Protection

You are going to charge users for content after all so it is very important that you have ultimate flexibility in protecting the content (WordPress posts, pages, comments etc). You also want to make sure that the plugin will let you create teaser content.


You want to be able to customize the appearance and to match the look and feel of your site. You need to ensure the WordPress membership plugin offers you the option to delay the registration button or create easy pop ups, reminding visitors about the benefits of becoming a member. Some types of WordPress membership plugins will also work together with your autoresponder and, after registration, they place the member on your autoresponder email list. That way you can set up an email campaign just for members, depending on the level of membership. Obviously, you also want full control of the prices and the ability to change them easily. You need to ensure you can add special offers or discounts to the packages.

Back End/Admin Dashboard

You need to be fully in charge of your WordPress membership plugin, so you don’t want complicated features or hard to understand processes. Look for the admin dashboard screenshots or video tutorials to get a good feeling of how the dashboard looks like. The easier you can change the membership levels, prices, and special offers, the more time you will save.

User Reviews

You can visit webmaster forums to find out more about the software before you would commit to buying it. The first place you have to look is the Warrior Forum. They are usually reviewing all the new software related to Internet marketing and you can read about first hand experiences of other people who have already bought the WordPress membership plugin. You can also search Google for reviews on membership plugins.


It is a legal requirement that you are keeping customers’ payment information safe and secure. Ensure that the WordPress membership plugin is spyware tested. On the other hand, you have to protect your personal and payment details as well so make sure the software has no cookies in place to trace back your PayPal address. You also want to ensure that the right level of access is granted to every member, depending upon their membership. You will not want free members to access premium content, if this happens you will not make any money at all from your membership site.

Affiliate Marketing Option

One of the best ways to increase your membership signup is to have an affiliate program in place. When you buy a membership plugin you should make sure that later you can add in an affiliate software which will integrate nicely with your membership plugin.


This is a very important aspect. When you have a lot of members on you site it is important that your membership part of the site is not broken. Having access to support if something goes wrong is very crucial.

In case you have already discovered how profitable a WordPress site can be, you will have to ensure you are using the right software to maximize your profits. Taking into consideration all the aspects detailed above will help you select the right WordPress membership plugin for your website and save you a lot of time by automating most of the processes. The more features that can be handled by the WordPress membership plugin, the less effort you have to take to make money.

WordPress Link Cloaker – What Does it Do and Which One to Use

Why Use an Affiliate Link Cloaker?

Affiliate marketing is a powerful revenue source for bloggers. Statistics show that a visitor has a much higher chance of clicking on a link that doesn’t look like an affiliate link. An affiliate link cloaker plugin cloaks your affiliate links and makes the link appear to be on your site which helps with the visitor click.

Some of the WordPress affiliate link cloakers can automatically convert certain keywords that you specify into your cloaked affiliate links. This helps you automatically and easily replace hundreds of keywords and key phrases throughout your blog with your affiliate links to earn you more money. You can also specify to use “nofollow” attribute to these links or open them in new window.

Basically, if you are thinking of doing any affiliate marketing successfully, you need to get a good affiliate link cloaker to help you with the process.

What does a Cloaked Affiliate Link Look Like?

For example, an affiliate link might look like the following:

You can easyly cloak this link with the help of a wordpress link cloaking plugin so that the target URL looks like the following:

A visitor is much more likely to click the 2nd link even though they are both the same.

Which WordPress Link Claoking Plugin to Use?

There are a few out there. I use the WordPress Link Cloaker from Tips and Tricks HQ. It is very cheap, has lots of  useful feature and has professional support behind it for when things go wrong.

Why do I used a professionally supported plugin?

I don’t like to get stuck with a plugin that may stop working after a WordPress upgrade and my money making site goes out of order.

5 Best SEO WordPress Plugins

SEO is important to business owners. The main reason SEO is important is without it your site won’t show up in the search engines or if it does, it may be several pages down. You want to be on the top one or two pages for best results.

Here are the best WordPress SEO plugins for your to consider:

1. Robots Meta: This WordPress plugin allows you to choose which blog posts allow a do follow, or no follow. This plugin helps your blog posts to be crawled by the Google spiders. Some WordPress themes set the pages to no follow and finding the code can be difficult. This plugin makes it easy.

2. Google XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps make it easier for your blog readers to find what they’re looking for. This plugin will automatically update your sitemaps with each post you make. This will eliminate the new uploads you’d had to do in the past.

3. Evermore: This WordPress plugin helps prevent Google from seeing duplicate information which will remove it from searches.

4. WP Google Analytics: is an important plugin to use. A simple code will allow you to monitor your blogs traffic. This is something you can’t do easily on a self hosted WordPress blog. You will need a Google Analytics account in order to utilize this plugin.

5. All in One SEO: The All In One SEO Pack makes it simple for you to add your custom title, description, and keywords to every blog post and page which helps with getting your content added to the search engines FAST! You’ll need to do this with every post, but the information is easy to gather as it comes right from the post you made. The Scribe plugin is a great companion to the All In One SEO Pack!

People do keyword searches almost every time they are searching for something. These WordPress SEO plugins make it easier for your blog readers to find you when they do a search. The WordPress plugins listed above are easy to install and use.

WordPress Plugin Review: Scribe SEO

When you are first starting out with blogging Search Engine Optimization is the last thing on your mind. You just want to blog.

Sure there are plenty of SEO ebooks out there, and some of them are quite good, and when you have the time could be a good read. However most of us know time is money, and learning search engine optimization can be very confusing and a bit of a time commitment.

Lately I have personally made a commitment to making what blogs I do have, better. The first step to doing this, I had planned on making my blogs posts and pages better optimized for search engines. So I had made the commitment to read the SEO ebooks within one week and learn all I could about search engine optimization.

Then on Monday I opened up my email to find that Brian Clark released a new little plug in/tool for WordPress called Scribe. At first I was like OK, I think I can do what this plug in does all on my own. And in all honesty anyone who is well versed in search engine optimization, and even WordPress SEO, could do all the things this plugin does.

However! The Scribe SEO WordPress plugin can save anyone, the professional search engine optimization guru and the newbie blogger, a lot of TIME.

One of my favorite features of this plugin: the tag recommendations!
I personally hate going through my posts trying to think of different tags for my posts, so I usually get lazy and just don’t add ANY tags, or I add maybe one or two.

The Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin certainly helps you to:

  • Optimize your blog posts and pages in a timely manner.
  • It also helps to teach you how to optimize your blog posts and the pages the best way the first time. Simply because you go through the check list and remember next time to add this, change that. It’s amazing how much of a great teaching tool it is!

With Scribe you’ll:

  • Optimize content faster
  • Eliminate guesswork about keywords
  • Employ SEO best practices
  • Preserve maximum readability
  • Increase targeted traffic!

I give the Scribe SEO WordPress Plugin 5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this plug in to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional blogger and who knows the importance of search engine optimization in their efforts to grow their blog and make it better!