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Adding a Fancy Siggy

Fancy signatures at the end of a blog post has become extremely popular. Custom signatures add a touch of personality to every blog.

In this tutorial we will walk through how to create a custom signature to your WordPress blog to where it shows up after every post and page of your blog.

Step #1 First you will want to actually design the custom signature. I like to use the dimensions 200×35 pixels for the design. Once you are done creating the custom signature you will want to save the image as “siggy.gif” – without the quotations.

Step #2 After you design the image you will want to upload it to your web server via FTP. Be sure to upload the image to ==> wp-themes/Your_Theme_Name/images directory.

Step #3 Once your image is uploaded to the appropriate directory, copy the following image code:

Be sure to pay attention to the name of your images directory. And if you need to change the directory in the code above do so where is says “images.”

Step #4 You will then want to copy and paste the image code above within your index.php, single.php, and pages.php AFTER the following code:

You should now see your custom signature at the end of every blog post and page.