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Blue Mist Elegant Theme: Remove Thumbnail Image

The Blue Mist Elegant Theme (used by yours truly) comes automatically showing thumbnails on the home page. Call me weird but I don’t really care for having to post thumbnail images on my home page, so I wanted to remove them from the Blue Mist Theme.

To remove the thumbnail images on the home page of the Blue Mist Elegant Theme:

  1. First you will want to make sure you back up your theme in case you make any mistakes during the process of removing the thumbnail images.
  2. Next you will want to open your home.php file via your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Find the following DIV tag:

    Delete this DIV tag and click save.

  4. Next you will want to cut and paste the following php code to a text file:
  5. You will then want to paste the ABOVE code directly under the following php code within the home.php file:

  6. Next you will want to delete the following DIV tag from the home.php file:

    Click save.

  7. Lastly go to the stylesheet and edit the DIV homepost-right class to move the home page content more to the left, you will want to change the “float” to say left:
    float: left;

When you are finished editing the home.php file you will want to go follow steps 1-6 within the index.php file.